Why choose 4tissimo over other quartets?
A String Quartet is an ensemble suited to most situations. It consists of 2 violins, a viola and a cello. A quartet produces a warm rich sound, not too overpowering and is ideal for background music, adding elegance and charm to your event.


Why should you choose 4tissimo for your event?


4tissimo takes pride in it's versatility. Not only can they provide you with a quartet, they can also provide a string trio, violin and piano duo, pianist, singer(s), flute quartet or flute and piano duo.


4tissimo has the most extensive repertoire in the South West. They can perform Classical music, hymns for church services, classic and contemporary pop & rock, music from stage & screen, traditional folk, Bollywood, Disney, Video Games, accompaniments for singers, Christmas favourites, Easy Listening & Jazz. The repertoire grows on a daily basis, ensuring 4tissimo can keep up with the demands of their clients.


4tissimo are pop & rock specialists. You will find there are other string quartets out there who can play pop & rock music, but there is no one out there who can play these quite like 4tissimo. 4tissimo are the original specialist in the South West and have an unrivaled repertoire in this genre. They don't play like classical musicians doing pop, they play with great flair and feeling making their renditions more authentic to the original.


4tissimo have a long standing reputation in the South and South West having performed together for over 20 years in the two regions. Consequently, they have a large amount of experience of providing music and playing for special events, in particular weddings, and understand how they work.


4tissimo provide exemplary customer service. They pride themselves on fast, detailed responses even when they are not available for your event. All communication goes through the quartet manager to ensure you get clear and concise information and know who your point of contact is. If you read the testimonials page or check the Facebook page you will see this shining through in the comments.


4tissimo  do not work by the hour. They appreciate that whilst your timings may seem set to run like clockwork, in reality that doesn't often happen. 4tissimo charge by the section rather than the hour to ensure your entertainment does not stop because your time is up. This is unique within live entertainment.


4tissimo have a team of specialist in house arrangers. It is not always possible to find ready done arrangements of the tunes that carry special meaning to you. With these skills, 4tissimo are able to ensure that you can have the music you have your heart set on. No challenge is too big, they can even arrange music where there is no sheet music readily available.


4tissimo are renowned for their appearance. Where possible, they will work with your colour scheme to make sure they will not clash, but slot in nicely with your event. Where 4tissimo do not have a set uniform that is exactly in your scheme, they will pick the uniform that blends best. 4tissimo have 6 elegant uniforms to choose from.


4tissimo are eventing specialists. Whilst they are all professional musicians who play orchestrally, as soloists and in smaller chamber groups, their main specialism is music for events. They will work with your venue to ensure the music provision is seemless.


4tissimo are well equipped for every eventuality. As they have been playing together as eventing specialists for over two decades, they have come across pretty much every obstacle and have equipped themselves so they are prepared for the next time. They can amplify, provide a gazebo, have efficient wind proofing to name but a few of their precautions.


4tissimo have public liability insurance up to £10,000,000. This is significantly higher than other string quartets in the region.