Planning your music
We have lots of experience in helping couples choose the music for their wedding. Many couples know exactly what they want, but others may not be sure. Part of our service is to assist in any way we can in planning the music. It is important that it is just right for such a special day.

A quartet can be used to play for various parts of the wedding.


If you do not have an organ, or wish to supplement the organ in a church ceremony, a string quartet can work very well. It can play before the guests arrive to add atmosphere and when the guests are leaving the church. It is also possible for a quartet to play wedding marches etc for the entrance of the Bride and the exit of the Bride and Groom. The signing of the register is another point of the wedding service where a quartet can work very well.

In a civil service a quartet is an excellent way of providing music and SO much nicer than using recorded music. As in a church ceremony, it is appropriate to use a quartet for the prelude ( while the guests are arriving), the arrival of the bride, the signing of the register and the exit of the Bride and Groom.


Drinks and Canapes:

It is quite common for couples to use a quartet to set the scene at the reception as the guests arrive and during the arrival drinks. We offer a wide range of music for this to cater for all tastes. Guests at weddings are generally from several generations and it nice to have a little something that each guest might recognise. In a spring or summer wedding we can sometimes play outside. This can be lovely, but we do have a few provisos on this so do check our terms and conditions carefully.


A quartet can be very pleasant as background music for the wedding breakfast itself. Again, a wide range of styles would be played as above.


All weddings are different and the three scenarios above are the most popular ways to use a string quartet as part of your wedding entertainment. We are very flexible, so if you have other ideas please ask!

Some couples use a quartet for all three parts of the wedding event and others might book it for any individual component of the day. Flexibility is the key word. Do contact us to discuss your requirements.

We realise that not everyone has experience of string quartets or perhaps any formal music, so we offer a music planning service. We will happily meet with you to discuss your requirements and assist in choosing exactly the right music to help make your day really special.