Other combinations we can offer

As well as the full quartet, violin & piano duo and string trio, 4tissimo  can supply a flute & piano duo,  cello & piano duo, flute quartet (flute, violin, viola & cello) and singers.


These would be suitable for a smaller event or a smaller budget or even for an event where you want something slightly different. 


You can also choose to add any of the above into a full quartet booking - it may be possible to mix & match with a string trio booking, depending on the players booked for your event.  A popular choice is to book the full quartet and have a member sing during a special moment in your event or to switch to a flute quartet to change the mood part way through the event.


When using a piano it is worth noting that there would be less flexibility to move positions around the venue. Please bear in mind that the repertoire for the smaller ensembles is not as extensive as the string quartet.